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Must have shirts for Spring/Summer! ☀️
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16 mei 2023

RVLT at Funkie House

Revolution, also known as RVLT, is a Danish clothing brand that specializes in men's fashion. The brand takes pride in its unique blend of Scandinavian minimalist aesthetics and urban streetwear influences. Revolution offers a diverse range of clothing and accessories, including shirts, jackets, pants, and accessories, with a focus on quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Situated in Jutland, Denmark, Revolution have been making conscious streetwear based on a slow fashion principle since 1995. Driven by an ambition to provide affordable yet durable menswear to a style-considered consumer, Revolution's collections emphasize on expressive looks, comfortable fits and attention to details.

Taking inspiration from cultural nostalgia, graphic design, urban sports and vintage clothing, Revolution launches two contemporary collections as well as two revolutionary capsules every year. Never wavering from the standpoint of being a staple Scandinavian streetwear label, Revolution continues to explore trends while holding on to the core identity and heritage of the brand.

In 1995 Danish clothing entrepreneur Christian Katballe and architect Palle Bruun Rasmussen met and created Revolution - a graphic t-shirt brand that would soon become a full range apparel company offering bold yet staple streetwear amid otherwise minimalistic and subtle Scandinavian brand offerings.

Inspired by the founder's shared love for surfing skiing and the general lifestyle of active outdoorsmen, Revolution is now all about creating expressive apparel that supports the enjoyment of daily life outside, regardless of the weather conditions. As of late, Revolution has undergone an internal development resulting in a rediscovery of the above-mentioned roots which has resulted in a new visual identity, refined collections and an ambitious sustainability strategy. Read more on this in the following chapters.

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Revolution aims to provide individuals with stylish and contemporary wardrobe essentials that allow them to express their personal style with confidence. The brand's designs often incorporate clean lines, modern silhouettes, and functional details, creating a balance between timeless elegance and urban edge. Revolution places importance on sourcing high-quality materials and maintaining ethical and sustainable production practices.

With its dedication to delivering fashion-forward designs, Revolution has gained popularity among fashion enthusiasts seeking garments that embody both style and substance. The brand continues to evolve and innovate, staying true to its mission of empowering individuals to embrace their individuality through fashion.

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Funkie House has been selling Revolution since 2004 and still is one of our best-selling brands. When Funkie House existed 25 years, we collaborated with Revolution and created a winterjacket that was sold out immediately! We have always had a good connection with the brand and respect their values, and that's why we are proud to sell a wide collection of t-shirts, shirts, hoodies and shorts to get you ready for the season!

Shop Revolution now at Funkie House.

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