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9 juni 2023

Summer Shoot 23

We proudly present our Funkie Summer Shoot! Embrace the blurred lines between men's and women's clothing and redefine traditional fashion norms as we celebrate the beauty of gender neutrality and self-expression. Get inspired as we transport you to this mesmerizing basketball court on the Coloured Mindplein by design duo OPPERCLAES.

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Against this colourful backdrop, the models showcase an array of summer outfits that captures the fearless spirit of those who dare to challenge the status quo, blending elements from both men's and women's clothing. Dare to break free from traditional moulds, and celebrate the essence of summer with our boundary-pushing streetwear collection. Embrace the freedom to express your true self, because true style knows no gender.

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‘X’ Signage
We are pleased to announce that we have designated different floors within our store with an 'X' symbol, representing a space where everyone is welcome, regardless of gender. This step aims to break free from traditional gender norms and provide an inclusive shopping experience for all individuals. We believe in embracing diversity, promoting equality, and creating a safe space where everyone can express their unique style.

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Unleash your creativity with bold outfits, exciting patterns, and vibrant colours that transcend conventional boundaries. Express yourself and, make a statement, and rewrite the rules with a Funkie attitude.

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Photography: Elise Romijn
Styling: Quinty Willems
Art direction: Rachel Spanjersberg
Production: Tirza Mol
Models: Dirk Spaan & Anne Roosenberg

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