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003 100 ML

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This eau de parfum opens on sparkling botanical and zesty notes. Powdery hints of white flowers lend softness and elegance to this fun fragrance. Spellbinding touches of elemi shaMix & Match:

Become your very own perfumer by mixing two fragrances together.

Strike the right balance for a result that is just as unique as you are.For a more sparkling fragrance with added freshness, we suggest combining 003 with 801 to reveal transparent fruity notes pe the woody,musky overtones in the base. Slightly mischievous, a bit naughty, but forever fresh: this cologne in a nutshell.


History of Bon Parfumeur
Bon Parfumeur was born of a desire to revive the beautiful perfumery of yesteryear, the artistic perfumery, in a resolutely contemporary and creative way. Ludovic Bonneton creates a perfumery as it existed in the past and as we dream of it today. Bon Parfumeur.
Ludovic has a colorful sense of smell that he draws out step by step. He wore successively Jicky by Guerlain or Vetiver by Carven as a teenager, Habit Rouge or Pour un Homme by Caron. Then he enthusiastically discovered the new, more confidential houses. Houses that truly returned to the roots of perfumery by putting fragrance back at the heart of their products. Over time and during his travels, Ludovic Bonneton plays with his collection of perfumes, likes to wear them and work according to his mood, or even the weather.

Bon Parfumeur at Funkie House Rotterdam
Funkie House Rotterdam offers Bon Parfumeur fragrances, but also delicious scented candles for your home, hand cream and relaxing soaps. Sustainability from the juice to the final packaging, the Bon Parfumeur fragrance is 100% made in France with a focus on quality, short and sustainable production processes. Discover all Bon Parfumeur at Funkie House Rotterdam or online at funkiehouse.nl

As Funkie House Rotterdam, we believe it is important to partner with brands that are sustainable and of top quality. Bon Parfumeur is a good example of this.They select their raw materials based on the care they take in their production. To do this, they prefer local products, regardless of price. In this way, they can guarantee the quality of their perfumes.

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